Mini Tablet Press

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The Tablet Press, Mini in size and Single Rotary is an ideal choice for R&D work as well as small scale productions. It is also used to avoid wastage when high value ingredients are used for tablet formulations, also known as lab tablet press.

  • The mini tablet press is designed with GMP considerations.
  • All Contact parts of the machine is made from SS 316 Material.
  • Special Grade Cast Iron is used for Turret.
  • Electro Less Nickel Plating is provided on Turret to improve life & prevent rusting of turret.
  • Pre compression facility as a standard feature.
  • A.C. variable drive and fixed pulley. It is driven from central pillar by worm reduction gear box.
  • Lower guards of stainless steel &upper guards of transparent acrylic to view tablet compression process of the machine comfortably.
  • All upper guard interlocks is provided as a safety function.
  • Electronic Tablet Counting System
  • Granules are fed through an open feed frame which ensures trouble free settings and minimum wastage of valuable material.
  • Force feeding attachment is optional accessories for difficult, fluffy & fine granule compression.
  • Table top, Mobile & easy to clean
  • For easy operation outside controls are given for Pre Compression adjustment, tablet thickness adjustment and turret speed adjustment.
  • Needle Roller bearing is provided on bottom side of turret which helps free running of the turret.
  • Single Phase Preventer is provided to prevent reverse direction running of the machine.
  • Optional Parts/ Accessories also available with the Tablet Press
Machine Type Mini- 8 D Mini- 10 D Mini- 10 B
Model Mini Press Mini Press Mini Press
Number of Stations 8 10 10
Type of Tooling D D B
Output- Tablets/Hr 4800 / 14000 6000 / 18000 6000 / 18000
Turret RPM (Min-Max) 10-30 10-30 10-30
Max. Operating Pressure 60 KN 60 KN 60 KN
Max. Tablet Diameter 22 mm. 22 mm. 16 mm.
Max. Depth of Fill 20.5 mm. 20.5 mm. 17.5 mm.
Upper Punch Penetration 2 to 6 mm. 2 to 6 mm. 2 to 6 mm.
Diameter of Die(mm.) 38.10 38.10 30.15
Diameter of Punch(mm.) 25.34 25.34 18.99
Length of Punch(mm.) 133.6 133.6 133.6
Power 2.0 H.P. x 1440 RPM x 3 Phase x 415 Volts
Overall Dimensions(mm.) 480 x 670 x 1050 mm
Net Weight (Kgs.) 400

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